Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 59

I could've been more productive today.  I did do a load of laundry and knit part of a sock and pick up Girl Scout cookies and make spaghetti sauce, but that's about it.  I kept the children alive.  That's got to count for something.

I had high hopes of sleeping until 7am, but it was not to be.  They boys wanted to "cuddle" which is code for "stand on your head and shout in your ear".  So we got up and started the day.  The husband spent the day at the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.  I plunged last year.  It was...interesting.  Kind of like getting hit in the gut.  Only colder.  The most memorable thing about this date for me is that 4 years ago today I went into pre-term labor with the twins.  I ignored it all day, since my husband was at the Polar Plunge that day, too and I didn't want to be alarmist.  That evening I was still contracting in spite of all the laying around and water drinking I'd done.  That night I learned what terbutaline feels like (heart explody), what betamethasone feels like (like being harpooned), what nifedipine feels like (low BP city), what Penicillin G feels like (kind of burny when it's going into your vein and kind of fuckingjesusmyarmisonfire when it extravasates), what about 10L of LR feels like (like 10 pounds heavier with cankles), and what not eating for almost 72 hours when pregnant with twins feels like (mystomachiseatingitself myesophagushasaholeinit bitchbringmeacracker).  It was a fun weekend.  I did not deliver that weekend and basically bullied my OB into letting me go home to sit.  I went home 5cm dilated with instructions to be still.  So I sat in a recliner and ate chili dogs and watched daytime TV for almost 3 weeks.  The good old days.  Anyone who would like to see what 237lbs of getthesebabiesthefuckoutofme looks like are welcome to view my FB photoalbums under "Pregnant Pictures".

On to the menu!
I had good intentions of making toaster waffles this morning, but then I said fuck it and made banana walnut pancakes instead.  So for the record this is protein, fats, and carbs.  And coffee, which is it's own food group.
Oddly, I really only eat walnuts if there are bananas involved.

I had a snack mid morning less because I was hungry and more because I wanted to taste the Apple Cinnamon RxBar.  It did not disappoint. 
Like a cookie, only less shitty.

Lunch was leftovers.  I know I said I wasn't going to eat a shitload of veggies today, but I accidentally ate about 4 cups of broccoli with lunch.  Oops.  Also bacon wrapped scallops are good reheated.  If you've never eaten bacon wrapped scallops you should go do it right now.  If the ocean and the land made sweet sweet love they would have bacon wrapped scallop babies.  

I need to visit Costco as I am now out of scallops.

This afternoon we went to get the GS cookies.  There are several boxes on the counter and I'm feeling very meh about them.  Cookies.  Meh.  Who am I?

Today was spaghetti and meat sauce night.  I had a recipe from Well Fed 2 that I wanted to try which called for cocoa and balsamic vinegar.  I also had a pound of Italian sausage in the fridge that was about to go over.  Winner, winner, spaghetti dinner.  I made the sauce at 2pm and slow simmered that shit for 2.5 hours.  It was lovely.  I love balsamic vinegar and it read in the sauce.  It was not spicy, but really flavorful with a balsamic zing that made my heart happy.  I of course had spaghetti squash and not pasta.  I think If I ate pasta right now I would explode.  So I did get 6 cups of veggies today.  Hopefully I won't explode tomorrow.
With a wee bit o' basil on top.

I might have a few dates later.  Depends on how wild and crazy I'm feeling.

Oh!  I got some updates from our breeder!  We are for sure getting a little boy dog in April.  She sent a bunch of photo updates from the litter.  Here's one of the little boys (we don't know which one we'll be getting yet).  They are so fucking cute.  

Look at the baaaayyyybeeeeeeee!!!

I am hoping against hope that the wind settles down a bit.  The temperature and road conditions were perfect today.  The wind?  Not so much.  I do have a couple of protected routes that I can use if it's still windy tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I don't have to.

I need to update my playlist.  It's time to mix in a few newer songs.  I've been listening to Arctic Monkeys lately.  My other musical thought?  Katy Perry needs to shut the fuck up.  Is it me or is her new song basically "Hey, you there.  I'm a complete fucking crazy ass whore.  Still want to get up on this?  You've been warned.  I might kill you while you sleep.  Look at my tits."

I might be attributing too much depth to the lyrics.

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