Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 50

It is fucking sleeting.  From a thousand degrees below zero to sleeeeeeeting.  I was so excited that it was going to be 30 degrees today.  We just can't win this year.  Doesn't the climate understand I have an eight mile long run on Sunday?  Why is Yahweh/Jehovah/Zeus/Vishnu/L. Ron Hubbard persecuting me?  I'm going out back right now to sacrifice a live chicken.  Ummm...does anyone have a live chicken?

On to the menu!
This morning the boys asked for pancakes.  I'm a sucker for this request.  In this house we make pancakes from scratch (it's easier than mixes and tastes better, too) and the kids eat an entire batch themselves (around 16-20 pancakes).  They love them, and they get so excited about it that making them on a weekday is worth it.  Since I had the griddle out, I made myself some banana pancakes.  I put a little smear of raw honey on them today for kicks.
And bacon.  It was lonely.

I didn't pack a lunch today because I didn't have any veg.  I did toss a homemade granola bar in my purse to eat as a snack.  I am one step closer to consuming zero packaged foods.  I didn't take a picture of the one I ate at the office, so here is a body double.

It's so lifelike!

Since I didn't have a lunch and my co-workers are highly suggestible, we went out for lunch.  I had carnitas fajitas without tortillas, rice, or beans but plus guac.  I ate the whole damn thing.  It was delicious.  I would have licked the plate, but I'm a fucking lady.

I was so hungry.  I made short work of this.

The afternoon went by fairly rapidly.  A late discharge kept me in the office until 5pm, but it was no big deal.  I remembered on the way home that it was African Chicken Stew night and I was excited.  It's a new recipe for us from Well Fed 2.  Holy shit it was awesome.  We had it with cauliflower rice.  I should've prettied it up with some sunflower seeds and parsley but I was too hungry to care.  Sorry to offend your overdeveloped foodie sensibilities.  
You shut your whore mouth, my baby is beautiful without all that paint.

In the oven right now, about 50 strawberries are being slowly killed.  Over 3 hours at 210 degrees, whole strawberries are supposed to be reduced to sweet chewy little gems.  We shall see.  No really.  At around 9pm we shall see.  Most expensive fruit snacks ever, but if we get a high yield of strawberries from our garden this summer it'll be a good way to preserve them.  

I'll be hitting the gym early tomorrow morning, and Saturday will be intensive housecleaning.  This place bordering on CPS worthy.  I feel like we'll never catch up with the dishes.  Anyone have a bad case of OCD and feel the need to clean something?  Boy have I got a fun time for you!

There are transitions in the works.  Things may be changing for me in the near future.  Right now I have that giddy feeling of a decision made and possibilities opening up.  

And Sunday I might get to do an extra workout of deadlifts and 400m.  That also makes me feel a little giddy, which is more than a little fucked up.

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