Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 42

It appears I posted "Day 40" twice.  Oops.

I went to work out this morning.  Early.  Working out super early is both really cool and really tiring.  I get up at 4:20am, have a cup of coffee and a banana and drive across town for an ass kicking.  Today was many squats, many thrusters, and many burpees.  Shudder.  The 5:15am class is always fun, though.  Something about being in a pole shed lined with wooden boxes is entertaining.  Maybe because it isn't light yet and it feels like the middle of you snuck out of your room to listen to music with cuss words and hang out with boys.  Whatever it is, I like it.

On to the menu!
My husband made breakfast this morning.  Eggs and bacon as usual with a little coconut milk "latte".
Bacon never gets old.

Once again I managed to not get a lunch together, so I went to the grocery store for a salad.  Festival actually has a really fantastic salad bar.  Not just iceberg and grape tomatoes.  Today I discovered little pods of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Just those two ingredients, no bullshit.  I was really ridiculously happy about that.  They were nifty little things, a much less messy way to carry balsamic vinegarette.  The salad was pretty fucking awesome, and I'm not the kind of person that can eat salad day after day.  I used to eat pretty much nothing but salads, but I can't live that way anymore.  It's not that I don't like greens, but I like hot food in the winter.  Today I was feeling the greens.

And the bacon bits, clearly.

And the pineapple.

Ummm, and the Larabars.

And the prunes.  Jesus, I can hear you judging me from here.

I was so hungry today.  Just ravenously, irrationally hungry. I have no real idea why.  My workout was hard this morning, but not the kind that generally induces gluttonous eating.  Whatever.  I kept it clean.  Some days I eat big.

My husband also had dinner ready when I got home.  Beef Stew Provencal.  I made some quick paleo biscuits to soak up the juice.  This stuff is divine.  Really, really delicious, and the perfect meal for a cold night.  Lots of leftovers, too, so expect to see this one a lot.


Speaking of beef, it's cow time again!!  We have just a couple of steaks and a few tubes of ground beef left of last year's cow.  My little family consumed 700lbs of beef in just about a year.  We also bought a pig in August, so add to that around 300lbs of pork of which about 50-60lbs remain.  We likey the meat.  That is what she said.  

In my "dieting" days I ate chicken on the daily.  Chicken breasts.  Baked, grilled, baked, grilled, lifeless and flavorless and boring as shit.  I'm not saying chicken can't be good.  It can. When it's roasted and juicy, shredded and spiced, marinated and grilled...sure, it's fine.  I just really do not want to eat it very often anymore.  I would much rather have a beef roast, or a pork chop.  And therefore we consume 1000lbs of farm animal every year.  And for that quantity of meat we pay less than $8/day for a family of 5.  Pretty good deal for locally raised beef and pork.

Whew.  I have to bathe the spawn tonight.  I'm debating doing it now and just telling them it's 8pm.  It's going to suck when my daughter finally figures out how to tell time.  Right now bedtime is whenever I say, and they are working my last nerve.  Plus, there are socks to be knitted, and inevitably I'll be deeply into a pattern repeat and someone will have to poop.

Tick, tock eight o'clock...

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