Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 64

Oh Polar Vortex, you are a whore.  You look so pretty on the outside, all sunshine and sparkles, but inside you are cold and dead.  That's the last I'm going to say about cold weather.  If I pretend it isn't happening, maybe it will go away.

Today was the last day to weigh in for our 2015 (yep, that's not a typo) wellness credit.  If you're a healthy weight, you get the credit.  If you're not, you get to pick a strategy to improve your health and report back in August.  If you've made an improvement, you get the credit.  I don't deny that being at a healthy weight improves the odds that you're in decent health.  These days I ride the high side of a "healthy weight".  Now I'm a big gal.  I stand almost 5'10" and I'm built to breed.  So my 168lbs put me at a BMI of 24ish.  So "healthy" but only just.  I'm up 3lbs from last year, which doesn't upset me-I mean what the fuck is 3lbs?  A bag of broccoli?  Who cares.  But, I'm a former fat girl.  Getting on a scale in front of someone still makes me feel like I've just eaten a bowl of rocks.  It's stupid, but it's a behavioral response that's been reinforced for a long time.  Part of me wants to shout that no number is large enough to encompass my screaming hotness.  Part of me wants to hide under the table.  I tell people my weight all the time.  My age, too.  I feel as though repeating them takes the sting out.  By owning it out loud I am teaching myself to accept it, and maybe making others less afraid to own their own reality.


Suck on that, establishment.

On to the menu!
After standing in line for an hour to stand on a scale for a nanosecond I was ravenous so I went to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast.  The fruit was a little picked over, but these grapes were lovely and made me crave more later, which I didn't have.
I ate all the bacon.  Takes a lot of fuel to maintain 168lbs

I brought a snack.  Band fruit grapefruit.  It was...not awesome.  Not bad, but less delicious than it's perfect color would seem to indicate.  Nobody likes a tease.
Seriously.  It's like a stuffed bra.  Full of disappointment.

I ran some errands at lunch and then finished up the leftover chorizo meatballs and some mooshed cauliflower.  
This was a big lunch.  Was.

I had an RxBar in the afternoon because I was bored.  I have no other reason.  Then I got home with the kids, made their dinner and looked at the leftovers in the fridge for myself and realized I wasn't hungry.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit.  So here is my dinner.
Shut. the. fuck. up.

The Open starts tonight.  I always watch the live announcement and tonight will be no exception.  I'm going to have to do the WOD on Sunday, as we're leaving town tomorrow for the Point Bock Run on Saturday.  I'm still excited to see it!

Most of my local friends already know, but I'm going back to the hospital (to work-I'm not sick or anything) effective 3/24.  I'll be working the third shift 7 days on/ 7 days off.  I am excited to be going "home" again.  I had 5 great years there and I've missed the immediacy of the hospital.  I've also missed days off during the week!  The night shift gets a bad rap.  I worked thirds for an extended period of time and I really liked it.  I can't wait to spend time with my husband, run and go to CrossFit whenever I want, and finally put a garden in.  I'll miss my current co-workers, but I realized that I'm a hospital pharmacist.  It's where I belong.  

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